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Session Tips

Most importantly - RELAX & have FUN!

Having your picture taken isn't scary and if you do a little bit of planning it shouldn't be stressful either.

What do I wear?
It really depends on the type of portrait you're after. Do you want it to be casual or formal? Either way, pick something that you
feel good in. Consider what colors would look nice if the portrait was hung on the wall in your living room or wherever you'd like to display it. Solids tend to be less distracting, but not all patterns are bad. Long sleeves will also help to draw more attention to the face and away from other areas. The same is true for wearing pants instead of shorts. Those choices will also depend on the season and if we are shooting in-studio or outdoors. Keep in mind that for outdoor sessions there isn't always a private area to change. Changing shirts only may help with this concern. Remember accessories to help compliment the outfit too!
In an hour long session you'll probably be able to wear 2-3 outfits without feeling too rushed. The less time you need to spend changing the more time you'll have to maximize picture taking. If this will be a group - colors should coordinate in some way.
I can offer additional suggestions if needed.

Still don't know for sure? I am here to help - feel free to bring in multiple options and I'll go over them with you!

For Girls:
Do your makeup prior to arrival, but bring what you'll need for quick touch-ups. Powder is especially important if your skin is more oily because it will help to reduce the sheen from the lights. Unless you are doing a complicated up-do that would take some time to execute, I'd recommend starting with your hair down. This way it will be free of kinks from hairbands or clips. Then you can pull it up into a pony-tail or 1/2 up 1/2 down to easily create a different look. Nails are also important - have them nicely polished or all polish removed.

For Children:
It is helpful too coordinate aound nap times so they are well rested. Making sure they've eaten before coming will also help them stay more focused, but bring a snack along just in case they get the munchies. For newborn sessions don't worry if you need to feed your baby during the session - it is normal for them to get hungry often, we allow plenty of time to accomodate their shedules so we keep them soothed! Having a few of their own toys or special items along can help make them feel more comfortable, plus it may also be something unique to them to include in their picture that will help bring out their personalities.

Bring a CD to play to help set the mood!

This will sound strange, I know, but practicing your expressions in the mirror will help you know how you look. Just because I'll probably ask you to smile doesn't mean that all smiles need to be the same. Looking serious for some is nice too. Do you have a look you think suits you best? Do you have any features you feel self-concious about? Anything you'd like emphasized or de-emphasized? Knowing your concerns will help me pick poses, camera angles, and lighting that is the most flattering for you.

These are just guidlines to get you thinking. If there is anything else you need to help you get ready for your session, just let me know!
I am happy to do a pre-session consultation to go over details and show examples of different lighting styles.